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Itzick Fisher was born imprisoned behind the barbwire of a detention camp in Cyprus in late 1940s and grew up in Israel, the birth place of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. There he lived on a kibbutz where freedom oozed and every one was equal.

As a child, growing up on a kibbutz he had to go to school and work. Wanting to do something more creative than milking cows or ploughing paddocks, Fisher chose to become a tradsman and was trained to work with metal at the local workshop.

His interest in art has started as early as he can remember. At school at art classes and then at the age of 14, after recieving a camera for his Bar Mitzva he build his own darkroom equiments out of wood and silver foil. from there his move to the old workshop was just like moving into heaven itself. Returning from active service in the Yom Kippur war in the early years of the 1970s, Fisher took a Diploma course in photography and become the official Kibbutz photographer.

In 1979 Itzick migrated to australia where he ownd and ran an Engineering business and it took nearly 20 years of working in the industry before the urge to make art has risen it's head again, all these years of working with steel in the three-dimensional world, together with the old love of making art that was in a different dimension, resulted in enrolling into his first painting class at Chatswood Evening College in the mid 1990's and later, towards the end of the millennium, Itzick took classes at Julian Ashton Art School where he learned basic and traditional painting including the theory of colour and light. Now, finely, Fisher started to get the feel and the urge to make art that combines them both. The flat, the two dimensional image with the space that comes with object in the 3D world so he moved on to the Sydney Gallery School and studied more painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture."I like to work with different mediums and combine them into one thing. I include sculpture, printmaking, painting and anything I know including metalwork".

And the subject, well, Itzick is interested in exploring the way we humans think about our personal boundaries, about our own space,our freedom, and how we relate to the world that is outside of those boundaries. Also, he is interested in how people relate to each other and how they relate to all other things, our belief system – is there a God or are we here by chance or fate? All of these ideas are elements in his work: the dice, the cross, the boundaries, the hopes and questions which never stop popping in.